Support Inline Graph view of Object content as Block

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If an app were to become my second brain, I think I’d need such a feature (I need to visualize things a lot, and I guess I’m not the only one in this situation - or am I ? ^^)

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An “Object graph view”, turning the hierarchy of its content into a “Mindmap”. If modifications are made to the text, the graph syncs automatically. It would be great if pictures could show too !

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Feel free to suggest any

Additional context

Sketched on OneNote.


Would be truly an asset for people with an affinity for visualisation imo (: (above picture quickly put together on OneNote)

Seems like the following request could come in the way of realizing what you want, if one of the parameters could be “show only objects related to the current page”: [Create and save graph view with pre-set parameters](Create and save graph view with pre-set parameters)

Maybe, transclusions could also come in hand: [Transclusion (aka Portals) to other Objects, Blocks etc](

Edit by @sambouwer: these topics no longer exist.

That way, the user could create a customized view with the relevant relationships with the current object and then add it to the page as a block.


I think this will be a perfect feature for the sidebar(s) that are coming most likely in 2022.

In ObsidianMD it is called the Local Graph. Where you see a “filtered” graph view of all the things connected to the current page/object you have open!

@thiago_nascimentodf thanks for the info, I’ll check these out.

@Jeroen I’m not sure we talk of the same thing here: to me, it’s really about what’s written in the current page. Say I detail everything that has to do with a certain disease in there, I’d like to be able to visualize it to make mental pictures of it later. Does that make sense ? Was it clear in the original thread I made ?

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Renamed topic to better reflect the requested feature.

I’m confused. OP seems to be requesting a way to switch between normal and partial graph view for a page (which is an interesting request).

The new title suggests a partial Graph Block, that could be added inline within a page (also a very interesting request)

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Bit late, but better than never: You are correct! I have updated the topic again to reflect this difference.

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