Support for Xcode 15?

Greetings everyone,

I’m not entirely sure if this is better suited here or as an issue on GitHub, but I thought I’d share a quick update about building the Swift project on Xcode 15.

Currently, the project build is failing and the issue seems to fall with the SwiftGenPlugin. Apparently, it lacks support for Xcode 15, which is causing this issue.

Here’s the link to the ongoing GitHub issue for more details: Plugin doesn’t work with Xcode 15

If any developers have insights or a potential workaround, it would be very helpful to share. I understand I’m working on beta versions, so constraints are expected :slight_smile:

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Hello! Very soon we will start working on iOS 17 and Xcode 15 support. To make a stable app version for iOS 17 release. Until then, use Xcode 14.3 to build the application.

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