Support for "Simple Tables" (block type, not databases)

Somewhat unrelated, but I’ve been using the new “Timeline + Calendar + Table/Databases” views in Notion for organizing our studies with my classmates and I found it extremely useful, so much that I’m planning on organizing my year on it. I hope some day we can have something like it on Anytype

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@Oshyan Yeah, that also works. I don’t see why you couldn’t implement it that way. I’ve found though, that in tables its way harder to accidentally screw up the formatting of one section based on the behaviour of another (or you’re mistake that you make earlier in the document) because its almost as if its “locked in”. The great thing about the block and column structure is that it is hyper-flexible, but sometimes its more useful to have those restrictions to a theoretical block’s behaviour to make the process easier/faster.


It would be interesting if these tables allowed images as in onenote.

In my work it is very common to do storyboard.

If it were also possible to use basic math functions it would be great.


OneNote does simple tables very well and has the following features:

  • Tables in tables, this allows you to make great layouts
  • Show/hide borders
  • Adjust height/width of cells
  • Fill table or cells with a color
  • Allow all the OneNote text styles inside each cell like headers, colors, links, images and more

This does not compare to Anytype block structure and I think basic tables could be a great addition to Anytype.


Since Database features have been added, and more “simple table” features are less certain, and the discussion here ended up being more about simple tables than databases, I have renamed this topic to reflect that. I hope you don’t mind @CoreyVidal .

I’ll also mention that this is a related topic, though not necessarily a duplicate:

I consider that one to be more specific to spreadsheet-like features, which is an extension of the more simple aesthetic/layout functions of simple tables.


Is there any plan for the “simple table” block? I think it is still very useful given that the database cannot be embeded in a page.


@atb The initiating feature request post here above has a lot of support, relatively speaking (33 votes at the moment). So I imagine it may well be implemented. If not by the team, then likely once Anytype becomes open source, maybe in a contribution to core, or a plugin. I will also say that because there is a markdown table spec, it becomes (in my view) more likely to be supported.

Also see new related topic here:

@atb Simple Tables are in internal build and they look promising. They will roll out in the subsequent releases.


@div3xi Sounds great! Thanks.

Cant wait to the table feature.

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Same ! :blush: I can’t wait for it


I do wish that tables in Anytype work differently than the recently implemented Notion counterpart; Notion’s simple table implementation is quite disappointing (but better than nothing!). Their tables practically only support text - rich media, such as Latex, images, and other blocks are not supported.

What would be amazing to see in Anytype’s implementation of tables would be a more Google Docs/Pages/HTML/MSWord style implementation, where rich media (perhaps even blocks?) can be embedded within the table, alongside with full, flexible HTML style tables, where rows and columns can have different sizes [something like this] (image

I trust the team to get it right - from what I’ve been hearing on Telegram, Anytype’s simple table implementation is far more advanced and polished than Notion’s implementation.


@Oshyan and @DenizAksimsek: I used the blocks solution to arrange a very simple table (Like a Cornell Notes format with 2 columns). It seemed like a good enough approach until I tried to view or work on my “table” on mobile. The right column is fully switched under the left column, so it is not a good solution.

So, definitely a +1 for simple tables if possible :wink:


Any news from the Anytype team? Are there any internal discussion on this?

I have to admit, this is the only feature Anytype is missing for me before I can ditch Notion for good (as I’m sure are others, given this feature request is now the most requested)


Also, a spreadsheet object could be used as a a table, whereas a table object could not be used as a spreadsheet. If you are to create a new object, please consider the former :smile:

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I have to admit, this is the only feature Anytype is missing for me before I can ditch Notion for good (as I’m sure are others, given this feature request is now the most requested)

Couldn’t agree more, I hate having to embed Google Sheets into Notion to be able to use a decent spreadsheet.


Here is some example pieces of information; where I really miss the table concept :

  • A list of my loyalty cards & details.
    • Don’t want to create a new type & objects for this - mentally I associate 1 object as 1 page long.
  • A list of all subdomains/urls → service, IP etc.

Another possible graph based approach I would propose is to create local-type which can vaguely correspond to one row of a table & can be viewed with various filters & sort-orders in set view.

this is great! I like the “simple Tables”. I think they will be very useful!

Question though,
is it possible to do all things you are talking about doing in simple tables, also in a database in AnyType? Maybe I am misunderstanding how all of this works but the same things you are your talking about doing in a “simple table” I would also like to do in a database/Set as well.

Is it possible to use Sets like a Spreadsheet?

I like that AnyType is adding “simple Tables”! I think they are going to be very useful!

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Just want to add a vote for a “simple table”… literally just plain text but organized into a tabular view, nothing more fancy that what is supported in markdown. There are of course endless possibilities that could be interesting around tables, but I think even the most basic way to write down tabular data would be much appreciate and go a long way for many people, just super basic like e.g.:

col1 col2
some data some more data

There are many cases where I just want to write down information this way and it will be useful to have in Anytype.


To make a simple table!?