Support for inline creation and display of sets

I was trying to link to an object “Product” on a “Task” page and wanted to show some of the relations of the “Product” object, like some properties. I saw I could make the appearance of the link a card and choose to show Cover, Name, Description of the object. And thought how cool it would be if I also could toggle this “Product” object’s relations to be seen on the link.

Soon I realized that this is similiar to having a nested set of “Product” objects inside my “Task” object, that only shows those “Product” objects that are linked to this “Task” object in some way.

So this feature would be really appreciated.

Thank you for this awesome product so far! :slight_smile:

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I also tend to think that this is one of the most important features to come to AnyType, especially if it is possible to define with precision the views of the set while it is inserted inside an object (just like on a normal set page).

As said, this would open up opportunities for dashboards of tasks, and much more. As a Zettelkasten user, I also tend to think that this opens a big door for the complex step of synthesizing information; you could start a new object in which you want to do your synthesis, and then display a set with custom filters inside this object to see the notes you want to talk about in this synthesis, without having to do constant back and forth as you write to a set page. In that sense, it would work like the embed search plugin of Joplin. The only thing missing would be to display content; but that’s for another feature (transclusion, maybe) !


This functionality is necessary before I can move my day to day over from notion

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

The ability to create Inline sets, just like a notion.

Describe the solution you’d like


For some reason I thought today’s update would also include inline sets.

Anyone knows when this is expected?


yes! very much needed! i am kinda stuck now with out them.
If AnyType can do the basic features, that would be good enough to get really and truly get started with AnyType as a Notion alternative. Even if i had to wait a long time for any other feartures, that would be fine, so long as we had the main ones.

I am sure though that the AnyType Team is hard at work with this.Thank You So much!