Support [[ double brackets for linking (in addition to "at" symbol)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

While I’m aware of and use the @ symbol to link to pages/objects, it is more often a convention used for “mentioning” people. Some apps, like Notion or ClickUp, do use @ for all kinds of linking, but more broadly it is definitely associated with “people”. And an increasing number of tools are making heavy use of [[ double bracket linking, both in the actual writing process (invoke search-to-link inline), as well as in export/import (a variant of Markdown). Many people are getting used to using [[ and it is probably fair to call it an emerging “de facto standard” at this point.

Describe the solution you’d like

I would like Anytype to fully support double bracket linking, both for inline search-to-link (currently possible with @ already, so this would just be an alternate keyboard shortcut), as well as for import of markdown (I’m not positive it doesn’t already support that actually…).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

This could partly be addressed as one of many use cases for customizable keyboard shortcuts, which I’m requesting separately. It should still be supported for markdown import though.

Additional context

This is somewhat related to however that is more about a desire to be able to use the existing Link Selected Text function to also link to pages/objects and not just external URLs. And that would not be invoked with [[.


Related to but not the same as:

That is the actual, official Markdown link spec, and is best used for external links. My request here is solely about internal links.

This would be a nice way to link arbitrary text to objects, e.g. “he went to [[his hometown]](Tallinn).” I don’t think there’s a way to do in the @Mention style that feels as natural.

@triangles That’s more like actual markdown links though, with the () part for the title, rather than just the title of the object being linked to. That’s being worked on as a separate request, I believe.