Super Charging Sets

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How is this going? Its been about 11 months ... I could really use adding different types to a set... or at least changing an object's type. Thanks in advance.

What do you mean exactly by this?

You can have multiple types in a set by using a set by relation.


I have a set with a specific object type. I want to merge this set into another set with a different object type. Essentially, I want to change the object type of the first set to match the second set’s type, which will then transfer all the objects over."

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, you want to change the object type of the objects in the first set? You can do that by selecting all the objects you want to change, opening the context menu by pressing the mouse right click, and choosing Change object type in the menu.

Hi there! We have plans for this in Q4 2023 :pray:
We were busy with more priority things but hopefully we will nail it this year.