Summer overboard

:wave: Hello there!

This past month has been my busiest yet here at Anytype. I appreciated your help on Discord and Telegram during this hectic period. June was a month of many accomplishments, and I’m proud to be part of such an incredible community. On to the updates!

Design changes for desktop and mobile.

June saw not one but two major design updates to Anytype on all platforms. We released our “big styles” edition of Anytype on Android in early June, which featured an updated /slash/ command menu. Users can now add new blocks & objects in-line without leaving that all-important flow state.

We then followed up with new dashboards. Desktop users can now move between their Favourites, Recents, and the Bin. There’s also better sorting and filtering of objects, which will be very important for our next major release with new types of objects and sets.

A new dashboard also came to Android, which we first shared a look at on iOS. Our updated design brings the experience of our native mobile applications closer while celebrating what makes each platform special.


I want to give a warm welcome to our new alpha testers. The forums and user groups have been a whirl of activity this month. Seeing so many new faces and perspectives using Anytype has been great.

This month alone, we invited over 2500 people to come and test Anytype. It’s been a great experience to demo Anytype for everyone and answer questions with the team. Some of you waited a long time, and I genuinely enjoyed seeing those usernames “graduate” into our testing channels.

If you missed an invitation or couldn’t make the session, you can still participate in the alpha. We are returning to monthly sessions on the last Thursday of each month. There will now be two sessions, one at 10:00 London time and one 6hrs later (16:00 London). Our morning onboarding sessions proved popular, and I’m happy to continue doing them while the demand is there.

This summer, I will work on some improvements to the experience:

  • Email confirmations plus checking your place on the waiting lists.
  • Better email deliverability — many invites and download codes went to spam.
  • When you reach the top of the list, you can choose the session time that works best for you.
  • Scheduling options for people in the Americas.

Longer-term, I know these sessions need to become asynchronous. While we’re still in closed alpha, these sessions are an invaluable way to get started. But I also understand that timing can be tricky, and being far away shouldn’t preclude you from being heard.

Welcome, Oshyan!

@Oshyan will be helping us out for the next few months with community and issue management, among other things. So you’ll probably see his face around here even more! :blush:

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Woo-hoo, welcome @Oshyan!

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Yay, thank you, it’s great to be working with you all! Anytype has clearly inspired my interest and participation more and more over the past 6+ months, so I am excited to now be able to contribute more directly. Thanks for giving me the opportunity, and congrats to @endac and the whole team on getting through the busy month of June. :grin: The future is bright!

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