Suggestions on how to track my penpals?

Hello everyone! I have been using anytype for a few days and since I have a couple of days off work, I wanted to try to setup a page in which I can track my penpal exchanging: I receive and send letters and postcards around the globe, and sometimes I forget if I actually replied or not to a person. To have a digital space in which I can note down stuff about this would be awesome.

The thing is, I tried to wrap my head around it but I’ve confused myself more than anything :confused:

I made a “human” page for every person I exchange letters with, but… I’m a bit stuck. Would anyone kindly suggest a method? I don’t really know if what I need in this case is a set or a collection. Thank you gladly for any help in advance <3

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Hello @chlodowich
this FR would help you if implemented: