Suggestions for Personal Relationship Manager?

I want to create a Personal Relationship Manager for myself and my job. I’ve tried existing PRMs and CRMs, but none of them were as customizable as I needed them to be and I was so excited to build one myself in Anytype!

I tried creating a template with all the information I might want/need from a person, but obviously I get to know someone over time and could only fill it but by bit. So I might have a detailed template with little information or I need to customize each person individually and then it’s not the same structure for everyone. If I just know the name and job of a person I don’t want see 20 other empty fields, but I don’t want to delete the fields, if I might need them later.

What do you think is the best way to create such a database? Is there a way to hide fields in templates without deleting them to be filled out later? Or can I filter for filled out fields only in a certain view?

I’d love to know how you organize your contacts in Anytype :slight_smile: Thanks!

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To avoid the “a lot of blank fields” problem, use of a lot of templates.

This is my approach (similar to the default Anytype one):

  • Create a “Human” or “Person” type with your needed relations.
  • Create a “Contact” type with a relation to the previously created type and use this for everything that is not strictly a human property (e.g. you can’t change how old are you but you can change your phone number, birthday is a Human property, phone number a Contact one.

Sadly this approach is not (yet) great if you need a robust way to filter and see all you PRM information at a glance because you cannot (again, yet I hope) filter a contact by birthday (this is something that can be done for example on Notion, with Rollups).

Here are some screenshots for clarity:

Feel free to ask me anything and suggest improvements to this setup.