Subscript implementation

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I am a scientist and use a lot of mathematical writing, including superscripts and subscripts. I do not know if I missed something huge here of if my post is relevant, because I did not see any complaint about this before, though I know there are a lot of scientists in the community. I know I can easily insert superscripts in a text block with ^ (“2¹⁰” = 2^1^0) but I do not understand why 2_1_0 should not give “2 subscript 10”? Instead of this, the _ are used to emphasize text in italic writing but this can already be done with text between two asterisks *.
I aslo know that there is a LaTeX integration in Anytype, however the fact the inline LaTeX is not an option now makes it not usable in a classical text.

Describe the solution you’d like
I want 2_1_0 or 2_10_ to write “2 subscript 10”:

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Simply change _text_ notation from emphasize to subscript, or the other way this notation could work is like the superscript one (one underscore subscript only the following character: _t_e_x_t ).


Same background here. I am also coming from research and need to use sub- and superscripts. I can imagine that it’s difficult to implement via “_” due to fact that the underscore is also used for italics in some markdown. An other approach could be via tags, as Obsidian is doing it. They use and to mark sub- and superscripts.
In my opinion, using inline LaTeX is not a very good alternative for the sub- and superscript functionality since it then displays the text in the LaTeX formatting. I don’t want to have this kind of formatting when I’m working with not math-related terminology (e.g. clinical measurements as SpO_2, HbA1_C, etc.).
Would be great if there would be some progress on this topic!


More generally, I think the whole operating system of super/sub scripts should be reviewed. I faced today the issue of not being able to write a superscript S, because ^ + S just writes Ŝ. If keyboard shortcuts are a thing, and maybe a difficult one to change, a really fast and easy fix would be to have these two options directly in the formatting menu, next to bold, italic and underline options.


+1, i use subscripts in my chem notes too, would be helpful

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