Sub views in sets will help as folders for file manager!

I have made a thread regarding creation of sub views in views of sets, just wanted to add one more feature request to this, if we have sub views in views and if we can keep on creating sub views of sub views of views and so on, it will essentially act as a dope file manager, with the sub views acting like folders in folders and so on…but if there is a feature to arrange objects in any view as we want( just dragging and dropping from one sub view to other), without any sorts or filters, that would act pretty much as a full fledged file manager system, idk how much practical yall can make the file manager, but this is my idea!

Hi @Ishaan, I was looking for the topic you reference, but I’m not sure if this is the one you mean:

This request was merged with this similar request:

Or did you submit a different feature request for this?

this feature request is the same, but i have some ideas on the same, maybe you can merge it!


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