Strange behavior upon adding more tags at a time


There’s a weird behavior when we want to add more than on tags into the relation box. Upon selecting the box, I am prompted with all the tags and we can start typing. However, when I enter the first tag and hit enter, the cursor is no longer flashing and I can’t continue typing to add more tags. I have to click again and resume typing. This is not the issue when adding the 3rd and 4th tag.


  1. create a new object without any tag prebuilt from a template
  2. add a tag type relation
  3. start adding tags


For the cursor remain in the box after the 1st tag in order to be able to continue adding tags.


  • Device:
    M1 Macbook Air
  • OS:
    Ventura 13.5
  • Anytype Version:


As Always a video recording showcasing the bug:

Hi @dzlg I’m not able to reproduce this bug on my mac.

Anyone else?

Interesting :thinking: but one question. Did you create a brand new object? because I’ve just tested it once more and there are a couple of conditions for this bug to happen.

  1. It has to be a new object. If you want to set tags for an existing object, it won’t happen.
  2. It has to be the first time entering the tags for a particular relations. if you enter a couple of tags, and then delete them and attempt to enter them once more, it won’t happen.

It has to be a new object, and also the first time you attempt to enter any sort of tag in the relation box.

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I just tried with a brand new Object and it was also the same as shown in my video. Odd indeed…

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That’s very odd :thinking: hmmm, can you try it with the bookmark type? Maybe it’s only limited to the Bookmark type created from a URL.