Storage format .zap files

I just migrated my data from Notion to Anytype (macOS) and played around a bit in different Spaces. Yesterday I accidentally deleted a Space that still contained some relevant data that seemed to be lost. I know that these cannot normally be recovered when a Space is deleted.
Nevertheless, I searched the Anytype application directory for a text string that was contained in the lost page. And I found the content in a .zap file! It was mixed with some binary data (due to special characters in the text?), but I was more or less able to recover the lost content from the zap file.

This raises some questions:

  • What is the format of the zap file? What does it consist of? Can it somehow be read with a tool? I am familiar with the Linux command line, but none of the available tools were able to recognize the format of the zap file.
  • Why is the data still there even though the disk space has been deleted?

I had some trouble with Anytype time in the beginning, but now I’m on my way to becoming an aficionado. Waiting for collaboration mode!

Seems to be connected to Windows, so that’s probably why it wasn’t recognized on Linux.

I’ll try and investigate why this happened, and I’ll report back (hopefully soon).

Thank you. Meanwhile, could you tell me what format .zab files are?