Stopped Responding And Lost All Progress

I have started using Anytype from Logseq/Obsidian and Notion user because of its ability to still use the app even if you are offline.

I started writing notes now-mostly codes using Anytype as I am slowly moving away from those two mentioned app but while working, I decided to check which version I am using by clicking on top left burger menu > help > whats new but it made my entire computer lag. I got a chance to finally open task manager and ended the process of Anytype only to find out the entire note I am working for hours has not been saved/sync. I have one of the highest desktop specs (9500x, 64gb ram, etc)

I know its my fault for trusting an Alpha but how can I help test the product without using it? Extremely disappointed.

Did you have another device in sync during this period?
Don’t your have deleted pages appear in the bin then?

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