Stop editing Relation by clicking outside of the field

I finally got around to try Anytype in more depth. I created a custom type, a few objects and a set. While I was working with it I phrased some ideas that I think might improve the workflow with sets. I’m sorry if any of these were already posted here:

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  • When I create a new object in set view and I name it I usually press TAB. Now this jumps back to the top of the page. I think it would be better to have it jump to the next displayed relation of that object. See links below
  • When I edit a relation value in set view and I click to random parts of the screen to stop the editing, now Anytype instantly starts editing an other relation if I happen to click on one. In my opinion, it would be more comfortable if this would require 2 separate clicks: one for exiting the editing, and one for starting to edit an other relation.
  • It would be nice to be able to manually reorder objects in set view if there are no active sorting rules set. See links below
  • I think the name of the relations should be visible on long set pages. If I have more sets that can fit on one screen, scrolling down now hides the column names (relation names). See links below

And one question:

  • Why does the objects stored in a set do not connect to the set itself in graph view? See answer below

Hi @gcsapo , thanks for sharing your input! To keep the forum organized, please stick to the predefined formats for feature requests and bug reports, and create separate topics for each request/report. You can of course link to the other topics if they are somehow related and you don’t want that relation to become lost :slight_smile: . Could you check if these topics cover your request? If so, feel free to upvote there. If not, please create a new feature request to start the discussion for that request.

I think this is an excellent idea and I don’t think this is requested before. Are you willing to write a separate feature request for this? I think the text you already have is clear enough, but maybe a video screen capture showing that you can start editing other Relations right away might clarify this even more. Feel free to use any other title, but something like this could make it easier to find on the forum: “Disable editing and opening of other Relations while editing a Relation”.

I think you mean the column headers should be sticky so they always remain visible?

As mentioned above, please don’t mix feature requests and questions (or bug reports). It makes it harder to close solved issues, implemented feature requests, and answered questions.

An Object stored in a Set is only visible in that Set because of its Object Type (for example, Book). Objects are linked in the Graph once they are linked through a Relation. For example, you have two Objects:

  1. An Object of Type Author (let’s say “J. R. R. Tolkien”)
  2. An Object of Type Book (let’s say “The Hobbit”). This Object has a Relation “Author” that allows you to select Objects that are of Object Type “Author”.

You can select Object “J. R. R. Tolkien” (of Type “Author”) in the Relation that is inside the Object “The Hobbit” to link those two Objects.

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