Still unable to import simple table content as of 0.32.3

Bit disappointed I’m still unable to import simple tables. I’ve been waiting the whole of Anytype’s development for this capability so I can import all my content from Nuclino and really start using Anytype, but all my bug reports are unresolved and closed:

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The last post seems to be tagged as implemented. Is that not the case?

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No, my experience as of 0.32.3 is that simple tables (via Notion) are still imported with no content.

@Angelo can you please reopen this bug?

I’m still experiencing the problem, even in 0.33.3

I seem to be yelling into the wind on this one. @Angelo ?

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I’ve reopened it for you :slight_smile: its usually quicker to flag the topic as that stays in a task list until dealt with. A mention in a post is easier to miss or forget about.

Ah I see, okay, thanks Sam.

Hi @christiaan our QA team is not able to reproduce this issue, the tables import properly according to them. I will comment on your report with some instructions.

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