Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’m always frustrated when a service is not working. First thing I want to know: is it me or is it the service?

Describe the solution you’d like
Having a service health or status page helps me figuring out whether it’s just me or the service having problems.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I can check the various platforms in which Anytype is active (Discord, Discourse, Telegram, Twitter) to see whether other users have the same problem.

Additional context
There are many services that offer such a page to check both the current status and past (resolved) issues.


+1 - the reliability of the backup nodes and login services haven’t been great as of the last few months. As of July 15 8:00am-3:50pm GMT+9, it appears that the login service is down again; I’m unable to log into an account on my iPad, and other users on Telegram appear to be reporting the issue as well. Interestingly, the cafe nodes appear to be working - it’s only the login that is not functioning.

Having a proper status page for Anytype services like you suggested would go a long way in reducing the confusion when services suddenly quit working for users, just like in this scenario.


There are many open source solutions like


Which could (hopefully) be linked to the forum to make sure incidents shared on those pages are automatically shared as new topic (and subsequent updates) on the forum.
Edit: while we are at it, share these incidents on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, too! :wink:


Allowing users to stop using the sync node completely, and only sync in local network, would be good too. I don’t have the need for a sync node.

I wonder if failures to sync online could be the reason my instances of Anytype aren’t syncing locally.


The ideal would be perhaps to have such a status directly integrated into the application?

With a notification on the top right as it is already the case, but present at startup, and indicating first the status of our internet connection, then the status of the Nodes, then the sync, etc.

In the end, what we are looking for is indeed precise information on the status, but also a quick way to be aware of it, and nothing is faster than the system already in place. We just need to extend and improve it.


In app is a good option, but I prefer something external, for example when you need to check the status from a device without (a working version of) Anytype.

Additionally, I’d be in favor of showing a detailed history of issues and the steps taken to resolve those. Ik not sure if in app is the right place for that, as this will only affect the Anytype hosted node(s)

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Good arguments for an external version.:+1:t2: