Start a Numbered List from an Arbitrary Position

Currently we can start a numbered list by typing 1. or choosing it from the drop down. It would be great to be able to start a list the same way but using any number. This should allow for a more flexible layout when adding links or other items that can break the numbering.


It already works this way. Just write 1. and the text block will be converted to numbered.

You can check other shortcuts and markdown features under the bottom-right question mark → Shortcuts → Markdown

@vova_ermolaev it does not seem to work when I type 2, which is what I am requesting: starting numbered lists from an arbitrary number, not just from 1.

Ok, thanks, I get it! I see no other blocks states that interfere with such logic. There is only one thing to consider – it is the numbers range. It will be un-effective to track any possible number, so we can limit ourselves to a range from 1 to 100.

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