Stardew Valley To Do List

Made this cause I am super obssesed with the game right now. For people who don’t know stardew valley is a farming game where you plant crops, interact with NPCs and do alot of other farm related stuff. It has a time system which makes certain events only accessible during a certain time period. So I made a list to keep track of everything.

This list is sorted first by Task Checked > Priority (High to Low) > Time (Morning to None) > Name (Cause anytpe has a glitch where it turns your last sort to name always. This will avoid that)

Put a few links I often visit up top. Please let me know other ways I can use anytype for this game I would love your suggestions.


Fun use case! I haven’t played the game, but maybe there’s something you can track and use the graph view. Would you use a calendar and reminders if those features were available?

Do you mean kanban when you say graph view or is that something new that I missed out on? Also unfortunately since the game has it’s own date and time system reminders and calendar events won’t really work. Thanks for your input though.

Graph view is on desktop, not mobile version yet. It’s a visual of how objects are connected. For games, you could see how characters are connected by location or occupation or family.

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I also play this game and for me this is not a use for a calendar view. Mostly because the ingame calendar is not equal to our real world calendar! The events are not linked to our time/date so reminders would not be used here.

The game only has 4 “months” of 28 days, each month is a season ingame (spring, summer, fall, winter) and days/nights can be skipped and time only continues when you play and pauze when you don’t.

I would however use a calendar and reminders for a game if the ingame events are based on our real world time/dates. For example, an MMO with holiday events.

Ah ok! I was thinking of time reminders for some mobile games, where if you are using the free version, you have to wait a certain amount of time until something is unlocked.

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Oh ofcourse… i forgot the name for it … that’s definitely an interesting idea …