Sprint Review (46)

Last week we had a short Sprint Review meeting because of a multi-day team building event. There were no updates shared for the mobile platforms, but some nice updates were shared for the Desktop version.

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category.


  • There where some changes made to the Kanban view
  • In the Graph view, only visible nodes are now rendered, which should lead to a big performance improvement when there are a lot of nodes in the graph view while only a part is visible. :muscle:
  • “/link” blocks will get a new “Preview” option that has options to show a preview of the description or the content of the linked object :link:
  • Toast notifications are shown for certain actions to give visual feedback on that action (Link to, Move To, Copy to clipboard), with the option to jump to the object or undo the action. :information_source:
  • New objects can be created from menus where objects could be searched/filtered, like the Move to or Link to object menus. Great for when you are not sure whether you already have an Object for something, and then when you are searching you find out you don’t :wink:
  • A feature was introduced, that will allow to add a link to another object that will link to the object you are currently using (looks really cool to link directly in the graph and see the connection instantly being shown). This option works from the Object itself, from the Dashboard, from the Graph, and from the Sidebar.
  • Several bugs were fixed, see also topics tagged “Next-Release” :soon:

Goals for the upcoming Sprint

Finishing and ship in next release

  • Finish “Relation as object” for all platforms
  • Finish the above mentioned “object preview” feature for all platforms
  • Release of “Set by relation”
    • Support proper rendering on the mobile clients
    • Adding a new set with everything for a new users
  • Finishing the option to choose a custom storage location

Working further on

  • Inline sets: Pagination + update styles / New set changes update mechanism
  • iOS: Working on the Kanban view (pagination)
  • Android: Implement the same features for the editing of cells in the simple tables like on iOS

Start working on

  • Decluttering of Types + Relations
  • Sidebar Widgets development
  • Working on the import of files and text from Notion

Very nice!

I am very curious about the impact from the Objects and Relation as Object changes for us users! :grin:

What where the changes to Kanban view if I may ask?

They weren’t mentioned specifically. @Razor may shine some light on the kanban work done.

What does “Decluttering of Types + Relations” refer to?

I thought that we will be able to declutter ourselves (delete types and relations) once the November release is out when “Relation as object” is introduced?

@danijelcamdzic Your understanding is correct, it’s one and the same project. As a veteran user with many types & relations that came pre-installed in your library, you will be free to declutter/delete unused entities from your library. New users creating new accounts, will see far fewer pre-installed Types & Relations.


Oh, great! Thanks for the info!

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Creating custom links between objects and getting the option to set the storage location sounds great :slight_smile: Can’t wait to try it out.


Are inline sets still going to come this year?