Sprint Review (44)

This week we had a short Sprint Review meeting :timer_clock: with a few points of attention: the team spoke about some very interesting updates that are around the corner!


  • Relations-as-Objects (i.e., delete & manage existing Relations) is almost ready for testing with the Nightly Testers group!
  • Inline Sets are almost ready for testing with the Nightly Testers group!

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category.

iOS (0.19.0)

  • Add link to Objects (three dot menu > Link to) to link to your current Object in an Object of your choice (link is added at the bottom of the Object you select)
  • Hide nav bar when style menu is visible to save screen estate
  • Fix cursor position after style has been applied (cursor will remain in place instead of jumping to the end)

Android (0.12.0)

  • A lot of refactoring (about 90% complete, so more focus on new features in upcoming sprints)
  • Link-to-Object: Added option to style linked Object (card style, text style, cover size, etc.)

Desktop (0.30.0)

  • Relations-as-Objects is implemented in its core, but many bugs need to be resolved still. Testing with the Nightly Testers maybe already starts next week
    • As a lot of testing is still needed for this change it definitely won’t be released in the October Release, but with some luck it makes the November release (hint: no promises, just sharing the current state of Anytype development and the Team’s expectations)
  • Inline Sets
    • Change views
    • Add views
    • Won’t be released in October Release, but probably in November
    • Implementation on mobile will not be supported from the start. Design team is investigating its implementation due to limited screen estate
  • Set view changes
    • Filter icon and Sort icon will be split out of the settings menu and have their own icons now
    • Kanban loading will be done by user click instead of scrolling. Setting will be added to define how many Objects need to be loaded at a time.
  • Internal storage rework will start soon to optimize performance. This effort will be less visible in the short term, much like the huge amount of effort put in the “Objects-as-Relations” change, but it will improve the foundation of the Anytype software.


The forum saw its biggest growth ever during the past month with +243% more sign-ups than the previous month, +59% increase over the last quarter. Consequently, leading to a +93% increase in topic creation, +153% increase in posts, +44% increase in Daily Engaged Users, culminating in 175k page-views this month. We observed a +226% increase in total members over the past year which surpassed our goal for the period, we had about 1k this time last year and now have 4.5k. Growth can be expected to continue at an exponential rate.


  • Update next meeting (once a month)

Product Development

  • Update next meetings with details on public beta release

@sambouwer Thank you Sam for this update. It is exciting to see and read about the steady progress.

Could you ask the team if a live query that can be saved in an object is on the roadmap. This is for example possible in Remnote and Tana (https://tana.inc). Ideally such a query could involve any word or two words. e.g. the name of an author. This feature of a live search is garnering a lot of attention at Tana and Remnote. Tana is online, so not secure, but Remnote has an offline version that is secure. It would be great to get some kind of ETA on this and I assume it will be related to inline sets and Sets 2.0. See also the discussion here: A way to add/organize content in a way that is less rigid, more organic and frictionless (like RemNote) - #13 by Haberjr

Thank you


Hi @Haberjr, I suppose you’re referencing something similar to what is described in this supertags & search video you linked in this other topic?

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Thank you so much for the information. I am very excited about the updates. I think my most anticipated one is the internal storage rework. I would love a way to put my movies, images, videos, pdfs somewhere other than the c drive, like in an external SSD, and have anytype access them.
I hope you all are doing well. Have a good day.


The “Relations-as-an-object” what does that mean? Maybe I missed it but nowhere can I find what it means for us, the user and it seems to be a big deal. :slight_smile:

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Yes, indeed. With the focus on the live search. Supertags is one thing, but apart from supertags, you can do a live search on any word that is part of the knowledge base and have that presented as a set - to use Anytype language. That would be really amazing to have in Anytype. In a way they are suggesting that any word is an object. They call it a node.


Yeah, I’d say if we were to take any inspiration from Tana, it would be from the broader concept of atomicity (node-based, or block-based; while in Anytype its page-based, aka object-based).

“Supertag” just sounds like a buzzword for a concept that already exists (to be able to have these nodes/block have properties, which can then be leveraged for generating sets, etc).

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Yes, I can see the clear advantage of working with Nodes, Rems, or Block based. If you then are able to do a live search - which are basically sets, on individual words in a block you have something very similar to Tana.

It will be interesting to see Remnote’s implementation of this.

While the Supertags adds cognitive load, I feel that Anytype’s cognitive load is even more intense. You have to think every time, about objects, relations, types. The way our biology works is to always reduce cognitive load. (That is why we have so much polarization, thinking in opposites is easier than in thinking of combinations of multiple truths in a complex domain).

Somehow the outline format using the atomicity of nodes seems to contribute to making this load less. But I guess this would mean a major architecture overhaul. Unless, Anytype developers could create an outline as an object that would work like Tana or Remnote? A “Tana” as an object?


Hopes to strengthen support for simplified Chinese, including localization support for interface and search