Sprint Review (42)

Only 7 more sprint review meetings until the :fireworks: end of the year! Time flies :airplane: when you are building software :construction_worker_man: .

This sprint review meeting contained an interesting mix of awesome upcoming features and a lot of (currently invisible) groundwork being laid for some big updates under the hood :steam_locomotive:.

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams have worked on and are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category. As part of the Release Train, the next release is again planned for the the end of the month.


As always, there are many moving parts on the Desktop version of Anytype.

  • “Relations as Objects” being finalized. Will be tested by Nightly testers right after the next release (0.29.0). This is some under-the-hood maintenance to rework how Relations work to make other improvements possible like decluttering, modifying, & adding unit values to relations, etc. This is quite a big undertaking :muscle: , so it will take some time to iron out some critical bugs before releasing this to all Alpha users.
  • Improvements are made to the in-app surveys. Different surveys:
    • After one month of registration and then every three months a survey popup appears asking for general feedback
    • After creating 50 objects another survey appears
    • After deleting your account a final (exit) survey appears
  • Work on “Inline Sets” has started! :partying_face: A first prototype was shown in the sprint review meeting, but it was indicated it is in its early stages and has a lot of bugs. It looked awesome and (tbh) quite feature complete already.
  • Graph improvements are being prepared for a later release (you’ll have to wait a bit longer, it won’t be in the upcoming release… :timer_clock: )
    • Add Objects to Favorites with right click :star:
    • Remove Objects with Delete key :wastebasket:
    • Multiselect Objects with the mouse :mouse2:
  • Improvements to “New Object creation”-flow (first of many steps in the decluttering project to streamline Anytype and its content). After creating a new Object you will see some buttons for frequently used Object Types. You can still choose from “other” if the one you are looking for is not immediately listed. I’m not sure if this will be dynamic or configurable from the start, but it looks very slick :sunglasses:
  • Multilanguage spell check :pirate_flag: . Select as many languages as you like! Great for those people speaking more languages than they have fingers on one hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: but also pretty nice if you usually write in two (or more) languagues :slight_smile: .
  • In-page Search has counter for number of results :mag:
  • Support added for exporting Simple Tables to markdown
  • Visual indication of selection added (QOL improvement) (I believe this was in selection lists, but not 100% sure :grimacing:)


The mobile teams are working hard to get to feature parity (which is quite a challenge given the speed of development of the Desktop version :rocket: ).

  • “Simple Table”-multi selection enhancement
    • Changing between Cell, Column and Row column results in selection of the cell(s), column(s) or row(s)
  • Selection mode is exited automatically when no more blocks are selected
  • You can now edit Set Views
    • Change name/type, duplicate, delete, add/remove/reorder favorites :star:
    • Kanban view not yet supported, visually indicated in list of Views :shushing_face:
    • Creating a new Set View on iOS wil be worked on in next sprint
  • Sync status is now displayed in Sets like for Android and Desktop


  • Proof of concept (so it is not in the codebase yet): Select all text within a block to activate block selection to more easily select multiple blocks
  • Added the ability to create sets from a draft of a new document
  • A lot of technical work was done on “Relations as Objects” in the background, so not so many updates for this sprint review


  • Next live event date + hosts have been decided, so we’ll be proposing/sharing details about it soon
  • Reworking Status tags to make it clearer what the status of a topic is (for example, it is not so clear what the difference between Planned and Started is).
  • New dedicated tags (Kanban, Simple Table) which allow developers to find topics on specific features
  • Integration with the Anytype bug tracker. You might see some (automatic) messages coming in that your bug report was added to the Bug Tracker :beetle: . This makes it easier for the developers to pick-up issues and link it to their dev work/commits as the forum is not the right place to manage development work.
  • New Bug Reports and Feature requests templates are live (for some time)
    • Wizard based topic creation is in the pipeline
  • New mods onboarded (some also in Telegram and Discord), so we have some more firepower to keep the forum tidy and answer questions. Welcome :wave: to the Mod team @kerbless and @sahilstudio! :star_struck:

The “Relations as Objects” work sounds really promising and as usual the sprint review got me excited!

Happy to be part of the mod team :smile:


Yeah am curious about what exactly this is. Is this being discussed in some post here in the forum?

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Not really (yet). I hope one of the devs or a product owner can at some point post a nice write-up of this. Maybe @Charlotte can mention this in more detail in the next “What we’re working on” topic :slight_smile: (is Q4H1 in about two weeks?). I’m also curious to know more about what is in scope for the decluttering project.


I remember some discussions about relations improvements and FRs which mentioned something related to this, couldn’t find anything with a quick search tho so maybe I’m wrong.

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