Sprint Review (39)

I’ve been looking forward to this day all week for one reason in particular: it is time for another sprint review! :heart_eyes_cat:

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category. The next release is planned for the 29th of August (yes, you may write this down in your calendar so you don’t forget when to expect more Anytype awesomeness! :calendar:).

Process Improvements :gear:

No updates shared about improvements of business or development processes.

Product Updates


There is A LOT to be excited about! Because of the abundance of cool new features in the pipeline I want to repeat that these are not the release notes for the upcoming release, so not everything listed here will be released on the 29th of August. Still an impressive list, though! :muscle:

New features :fire:

  • :white_check_mark: Spell check
  • :mag: Window zoom (but not scaling, if I understood correctly, see this post for my take on the difference)
  • :smiley: Emoji picker now has groups to make it easier to find that one obscure emoji you really need.
  • :framed_picture: Use an existing image as cover for your Object
  • :lock: Passphrase/recovery phrase can be shown/hidden with a button as it was not clear for everyone to click on the obfuscated image to show the actual contents :disguised_face:
  • :speedboat: The application package (not sure for which platform tbh) is now 200mb smaller than the previous release.
  • :speedboat: More performance optimizations: release notes of older releases are now hidden behind a “show more” button so you don’t have to wait for the release notes as long
  • :window: Multiple windows WITH drag and drop between them :raised_hands:

Bug Fixes :hammer:

There were no bug fixes explicitly mentioned after a long list of cool new features that the team is working on, but it was summarized as “bug fixes and release 0.27.0 preparations”.


Unfortunately, I missed the first few minutes of the call, so I am not completely sure about the iOS updates :innocent:

New features :fire:

  • :calendar: Date filter in Sets, which means feature parity across platforms for this feature! :tada:
  • :closed_lock_with_key: Relations can be viewed on a locked page
  • :paperclip: Edit Attachment/File Relations (add and remove files from the Relation)


Because of a delay in the release of the Anytype release for Android (it is coming!) we DO have something that looks a lot like actual release notes this time as an exception to the rule that these sprint review notes are not release notes :wink:

New features :fire:

  • :chair:Simple tables (#feature parity)
  • :bulb: Callout blocks (#feature parity)
  • :baby: Nested styles: children blocks inherit the style of parent blocks
    What do you get when you combine callout Blocks and nested styles? Nested styled callout blocks! You can drag a block into a callout block and that block will become part of the callout Block :sunglasses:
  • You can now style your Title block: text and background color pickers are available for this block
  • :bookmark: Bookmark Sets to create and browse your bookmarks as Objects
    Like for the Bookmark Sets on other platforms, you provide a URL and Anytype does the magic by retrieving certain properties of whatever is publicly available on the other side of that URL (thumbnail image, title, description) as Relations. You can tap the Object in the Set to directly open the URL in the browser. Note that editing and deleting will be introduced in a later version.
  • My personal favorite: :calendar: date filters in Sets are now available on Android which means this feature is uniform across platforms :heart:

Bug Fixes :hammer:

The ones I deem most important, relevant, or interesting are listed here. The full list will be shared in the release notes for the Android release.

  • Improvements to Object menu options and Editor menu options to ensure the right options are available at the right time
  • Improvements to the Editor itself
    • An issue with @-mentions is resolved
  • Improvements to Sets
  • :racehorse: Stability improvements (application startup issue as a result of killing the app is resolved)

Other Improvements

Same for “other improvements”: this list is not complete to leave some news for the release notes :wink: .

  • :bell: Notifications in the Editor are now snackbars instead of toasts to prevent overlap with undo/redo controls


No updates shared for Anytype’s middleware.


  • The Anytype team is working on an update for the website to more clearly communicate specific use cases.
  • Along the same lines, the wording of the website is being updated to better reflect the direction of the application and its development.
  • According to the feedback the Anytype team received, the last update with a first big step towards feature parity was well received (you can reply here if you (dis)agree!)
  • Some key points that the team got from the survey are about Search & Navigation, and the Web Clipper, so the team has those community priorities clear :slight_smile:


I think the topics shared in this part of the sprint review meeting are part of Anytype Next (vision of the future of Anytype), but I am not sure.

  • The team is working on a revamped Dashboard and App navigation
  • The team is working on a revamped onboarding experience, which includes an explanation of how Spaces and collaboration (are going to) work in Anytype.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading along all the way to the end of this post! :heart:


really looking forward to web clipper and spell check…


Thank you @sambouwer :star_struck:!!


Hi @Tanzeel098, I’m looking forward to the web clipper, too, and the team is working hard on this feature!
Because the ETA for this feature is not yet known and there are still some hurdles to be taken, we have removed the web clipper from the notes for now. Even though it is mentioned that these sprint review notes are not to be read as (planned) release notes, we want to set the right expectation I and I made a mistake in adding this feature to these notes with the wording that this is coming “soon” (which is kind of an ETA).


Thanks for keeping the sprint review posts going! This is a nice step forward in transparency. And it’s clear you put a lot of work into it, so :clap::clap::clap::pray:


Thanks for doing these. Could you give us an update about Kanban boards, are they also coming in the August 29 update?

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Someone mentioned that the devs confirmed kanban boards to be coming in September.


Kanban is planned for the next release :nerd_face:


Awesome!! :heart_eyes: :clap: