Split view feature

There should be the possibility to view to different objects at the same time. There are two options:

  • Split view (my favorite), two canvas with their own navigation history
  • Multi window support, would be nice too, but probably more difficult to implement, and less convenient:
    Allow two instance of Anytype

Already now, but later with collab even more important.

Imagine a knowledge base. There is an object about a book.
Now you want to write the author object and have a look what you or someone other has written in the book

What are your thoughts about it?
I personally think this should be implemented before collab😄

Most important for desktop, but for tablets too :slight_smile:


There already is an older topic about it, right there:

So please consider adding your vote/heart to it and give your feedback in comments to make the topic more visible. Thank you.

Thx :slight_smile:
I changed my post title and liked the other
I also saw the side pan post.

My feature request has the focus on two parts of the window, which are the same in rights and power, with full editor, full navigation, each one 50% screen width (plus would be if adjustable)

For example, if you search an object and select it, it would ask for keyboard input, LEFT or RIGHT to select where it appears.

This should also solve the problem.

It seems so over-featured to me. I mean, the splited view (through availability of multiple instance) can be done within modern OS so easily and way more powerfully than an integrated splited view that I suppose will be pretty complicated to develop.

But I have to admit that the integrated split view seems to be the only way to do it for tablets. So I guess both features have to be considered. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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