Split Screen or Tabs (looking at two pages in parallel)

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Often I am working on articles, posts, structures for new workshops etc. and I need to look into other notes and pages. So I have to go back and forth constantly between the page I am working on, and researching other content I have written down in other pages.

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It would be great to have the possibility on desktop to split the screen and open two pages in parallel. With notion I can solve this through browsertabs, but since Anytype is an app, that doesn’t work. Another option would be introducing something like browser tabs for the desktop app. Different open views.

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Been using the favorites in the sidebar, but that’s not a great UX. Real parallel vies would be much more convenient.

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Hi @Lennart, thanks for posting your idea! Could you check whether these feature requests cover what you’d like to see? If you think one of these topics covers your request, I’ll close your topic in favor of the existing one(s).

  • Sidebar/split view
  • Multiple instances
  • Multiple windows
  • Tabs
  • Panel based window organization

PS: some of these topics need to be merged, we are working on that :slight_smile:


Oh wow, yes indeed! No idea why I didn’t find those. I searched for “split” and “tab” and couldn’t find them…