Spacing of Done button on Android is incorrect or undesirable


Done is too close to delete in android.

Steps to produce

    1. Go to any page and have multiple text in multiple block
    1. Select the block.
    1. See the error, done is close to delete.

Expected solution

Nice spacing or done moved to top.

Device : Android 11, realms 8 5g

App version : 0 2.7

Please make your bug reports and feature requests more detailed and specific, both in the titles and in the descriptions. Outline the exact, specific, and thorough steps to reproduce the problem.

    • Where in the app do you find this issue?
    • How did you get the app to this state?

The bug report and feature request templates exist for a reason.

An example of a better title for this report might be “Position of Done button on Android is incorrect or undesirable”

Additionally, please provide your Android version and ideally your device, as well.

@Oshyan I thought image should suffice for this bug report as indicated with arrow and circle.Well anyways I edited with the report.

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@Srinath I understand. But there are numerous reasons why “just an image” will almost never suffice.

    • I was unable to reproduce the issue from the image alone.
    • Image contents is not searchable, and title cannot always be descriptive or specific enough. This means people with similar problems may not find your existing report from a search of the forums.

I appreciate you adding some details. Interestingly on my phone (Pixel 3a) the spacing is fine, the trash icon is the same distance from the other icons as it is from “done”. Which means… please add your actual device info, always. Your “device” is not “Android 11”, that’s the OS. Mobile bugs are often device-specific.


@Oshyan I guess the issue is related to the DPI used. I don’t have any issues with my current DPI (457) however when I increase the display size to DPI (375), the issue is reproduced.i.e, setting the Display size under Settings -> Appearence -> Display size to Large or more.

This is how it looks when using the Display size as Small (457):

This is how it looks when using the Display Size as Default (411):

And finally this is how it looks when using the Large display size (375):


@lynxlove Excellent, I bet that will help the devs a lot! Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@lynxlove Done placement should be moved to the top right. 6 icons at the bottom is more icons for bottom bar.

@Srinath The done button has been moved to the top right now, So I guess this bug report can be marked as solved now?