Sort/filter based on properties of linked objects?

Hi, is it possible to sort a set based on properties of objects linked back to the set?

For example, say I have a list of projects as a set, and that set has 10 projects with a bunch of Tasks that are linked back to the varying projects.

If I have the project list (set) sorted by modified date, it will sort the table based on the direct modification date of the projects. But, if I wanted to have it sorted based on the modified date of linked tasks, is that possible?

This would be helpful when juggling multiple projects and you wish the see the project list sorting be based on recent activity within the projects, as derived from the linked tasks’ modification dates.


I don’t think such object traversion exists yet. See also this related feature request

Thank you! I could see either of these methods (if implemented) being a solution to this problem, so probably no need for a new FR, I just voted for that other one. :crossed_fingers:t6: Appreciate the follow up.