Sort by creation date and time without displaying time


It would be preferable if sets could be sorted by creation date and time without enabling the creation time to be displayed in the table.


Allow the internal representation of creation date and time without the explicit display of the time.


If you make multiple objects in the same day and want them to be sorted by the creation time without showing it in the table.


Simply turn on time and display it in the set.


I see what you are saying! This is indeed annoying and unexpected, but should be an easy fix. I was able to replicate it, and I changed it to a bug because it feels like a bug, not a feature request. The way it works now goes against a reasonable expectation based on the common understanding of “sort”. A sort should sort two values to the full level of resolution that the data format provides, in this case including time.


This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

@Angelo I know this is an older request, but I have just started using AT.
It would be nice to be able to sort by time only if the time is displayed.

For instance, I have a Next Review Date relation that I use within a Set to identify the next time I would like to be reminded of the object. Then I also have a Priority Number relation.
I would like to be able to sort by Next Review (Date only) and then Priority. This way I can have a view that bring today’s items to the top and sorts them by priority.

Also there appears to be inconsistencies between the Desktop and Mobile. The Desktop currently works as I describe, but the Mobile is sorting by time whether it is displayed or not.

Time is added to sort only if time is turned on for display, however for system relations like Creation date, Last modified date and couple of others time is added automatically to avoid inconsistency with auto-created objects.

Thanks @Razor for the clarification.
Rereading my post, I can see how my comment regarding mobile was confusing.
I have reworded the last sentenced regarding sorting on the mobile device, It is sorting by time, even though time cannot currently be displayed on mobile.

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Both created/system Date relations sorts work perfectly in the following cases:
Date is displayed
Date and time are displayed
None of them is displayed

I’m unable to reproduce any of those mentioned sort problems @ v0.37.3