Something similar to a set but local to the page


The ability to create a full page or inline (i.e., a block on a page) “set” that holds all the objects created on said page. I also believe that it should be called something else like maybe a collection?


Creating a new block type that does everything similar to a set but is only limited to the blocks created on that specific page. For brevity’s sake let’s call this new type a Collection.


Currently sets act as a global index that goes through the entire app and looks for a specific object type that has been chosen. This definitely is very useful for a variety of reasons such as a central page to view all your tasks, etc.

However, I believe there are a lot of other use cases that demand the filter, sort and view options to be local in nature. Let me explain with an example.

This is a page I created to keep track of a PC build I am thinking of making,

As I wanted to manage different part prices and URLs I created a set of parts. This works for now but it has a lot of issues at its core.

1. New Builds
If I want to make new builds for lets say a server or a productivity PC. If I use the same object “Part” it will show me parts from other builds too. I can mitigate this by using tags but the initial setup everytime I make a new build becomes cumbersome.

2. Overview and Navigation
Since sets are global indexes they can’t attach all the parts to themselves which means the graph view looks like this.

A mess of pages with no way to determine what goes where.

3. Replicability
I cannot quickly duplicate this set and make changes to it because these parts don’t get copied … infact you just view the same set twice.


By being able to make a collection that holds objects only specific to that collection, it can be duplicated and both collections can exist independently.

Collections can link these pages together. making the graphs look much more sensible.

Does this make sets obsolete? Absolutely not. Infact it will make it so that the sets tab isn’t cluttered makes sure that it can do what it does best. Provide global indexes for all your objects.


I think the team is actively working on a similar feature: A Set-like collection of user picked Objects. I don’t have any details on how this is going to work exactly, though.


Oh that’s great looking forward to it!

Hi @shahil we are already developing stuff you describe here and the name will be precisely “Collection” :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
We also predict it will benefit most of the users, because collection approach is more intuitive and common. We plan to ship 1st iteration in 2-3 releases :smiling_imp:


Oh that’s an awesome coincidence … Looking forward to it!


Just a heads-up that fibery handels this very well. You can look into their implementation as a source of inspiration :slight_smile:

Can you help us and provide reference recordings or screenshots please :pray::face_holding_back_tears:

Hi (I forgot to answer you, reposting so that this is an actual answer to your post)
Sorry this took a while but yesterday evening the forum was down so I couldn’t post…

Here it is. The best would still be for you to check it out directly and play around with it.

Building on this there is also the idea of inline relationships, like here: