Some Thoughts from me

This is my opinion, so please be nice :smiley:
In the following I will mention what I don’t like and what it takes for me to switch from Notion or Obsidian! Be aware, I like Anytype and I can see myself permanently parting ways with Notion/Obsidian when the time is right. Many thanks to the Anytype team and community :heart:


I have read this many times, but the terminology deviates from the standard. In my eyes, this is a big disadvantage and puts many off during the onboarding phase. I mean, if you want something, you will learn it, but this is not ideal.

That’s not to say I don’t like the whole concept, it just requires a bit of rethinking which ultimately lowers the UX.

I like:

  • Objects (Might confuse others → Page)
  • Blocks
  • Relation
  • Type
  • Template

I dont like:

  • Set → Query
    I would have preferred to just call it a query, because unless I am completely mistaken, it is one?

  • Collecctions
    For which I have no use in the least, since they are static. I can do it with a set. I can understand the use for those who whant a simple setup.

What is needed?

I really like how far Anytype has come since my last test. But I can’t understand the priorities set. Well, only compared to Notion & Obsidian. And this is not my project and the planned probably differs from my dream vision. :sweat_smile:

And maybe I am missing the point here, but as far as I understand Anytype whant’s to provide something similar as Notion & Obsidian. The best Feature so far is the Peer to Peer Sync and that it is a open source project. But seeing the roadmap I am missing two features that are needed before any Notion or Obsidian user would even consider switching to Anytype.

Still love the upcoming features in the roadmap. :heart:

1. Templates for: Sets, Notes & Bookmarks

For these three it is not possible to create templates and preset relations. Since we are not able to create these from scratch they are in a way static which limits bigger projects to the extreme. The only alternative at the moment is by manually adding Douplicated Objects and edeting them.

Further information can be found in this feature request:

2. Dynamic Data relations

This would unlock great potential and would let Anytype step directly to the hights of Notion and Obsidian.

This is perfectly described by this feature request:

I hope I could give a little insight into my thoughts here. I would like to read what you think.