Some suggestions for the Graph-view feature

Describe the solution you’d like

  • Under Graph-view, use the left mouse button to do box selection (select multiple nodes) and the right mouse button as a page dragging operation.(Because of the habit of using Xmind and other software, the right click can also drag the view in Obsidian and other software).
  • You can choose to selectively show (or hide) some nodes in the Graph-view page, which can be convenient to organize the knowledge system and then screenshot as a simple knowledge structure diagram to put in group work, or hide personal private notes when presenting in public places.
  • Add Graph-view export function, which can be exported to image files or copied to clipboard (Obsidian only has copy-to-clipboard function)
  • One-click arrangement of view beautification (e.g. beautify into a tree structure, beautify into a radial structure with size determined by the number of impacts, editing time, etc.)
  • Customize the Center force, Reoel force (very important, otherwise the nodes will stack on each other), Node size and other parameters, just like in Obsidian