Some objects show on the wrong side in navigation pane

So the objects, for example object B is linked from a particular object A shows up on the left of the object A in the navigation bar of A, and the object for example object C in which the object A is linked shows up on the roght side of navigation bar of object A, that is how i think it is coz most of the stuffs are arranged in this way, but sometimes the objects arent in the right side, if its supposed to be on the right side, it shows up on the left side of the Object A for example, please fix this bug! I dont know how to reproduce this, its still exists and wont go!

Can you kindly edit your post to include the bug report template? And if possible, can you please provide screenshots to better illustrate what’s wrong (and what navigation bar you’re referring to)?


@Ishaan Please adjust your post as sahilstudio explained.

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Yes I will, but as you know, I’m not able to log into my account unfortunately because of the replicatorAddr error and no dev or anyone seems to update that topic with a confirmation on the fix too

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A reason for that could be that it’s not completely fixed yet.

Is this problem still there for you?

I’m not able to reproduce it anymore