Some images are blurred until we open them as objects

So i have a chapter for example electrostatics, and i have many screenshots in the object named electrostatics. in the desktop there isnt any problem while viewing it, but when i view it in android, if there are atleast 10 images in one object, 2 or 3 of them appear blurred or pixelated, and i have to tap on them so that they open in full screen and then they appear perfectly! Please fix this! Thank you!

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Hey @Ishaan,
as already mentioned in another topic. It would be quite helpful if you provide as much info as you can. Thats what the template in the bug report is for.

What Android version?
What Anytype version?
You mentioned how to reproduce, though stepy by step is always more easy to follow than a bigger text.
Could you add screenshots of the problem?

Oh Im sorry! This happens in the Android 12L , anytype 0.8.2 alpha version

As u can see in this, the middle image is pixelated!

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