Slow sync and large Anytype database - is this normal?

Hello there!:),
I have some issues syncing my data on android alpha version 0.4.4 on my Galaxy S9+. It’s the third day I am waiting until the sync is complete. I guess I am waiting since over 12 hours now where I had the application open, but I don’t mind: D
When I go to app info on android, the data is now by 19gb so far. I was curious how big is my full database anyway and checked on Windows the anytype2 folder in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming located. This one is 61,4gb big. So I am not sure why it is so big. I definitely have a lot of stuff in Anytype, but I still can’t believe my files are so big. I checked a few types and got these numbers:
Files - 138
Images - 2650 (not sure why so much)
Videos - 12
Audios - 290
Documents - 372
Pages - 781
Own type of pages - 689
I also sorted them via file size. Since the biggest files are not so big, I am wondering if these are realistically 61,4gb. Do I have any better option to see some statistics about how the storage is used and how I could clean it up a bit?
On previous android versions I had maybe more than 12gb, and it didn’t take that long to sync just a couple of hours, but I am not sure since when it got so big. I also do have to admit that the download rate is very slow, as well as opening the application. While still syncing, it takes up to 3 min to open Anytype on android.
Should I try using Anytype with fewer files? Since Anytype offers free unlimited storage, I would like to use even more than I have already… Even if it would be a paid model. Though of course the application need to handle it first. It’s still the alpha, and I am very happy with it. I am just curious what I should do to use the android application properly and hope this information helps to develop the application. For now, I will wait until it’s done syncing and see if it takes really 60gb on my phone.

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The excessive space usage (in comparison to apparent size of contents) is a known issue that has been reported before. The team acknowledges it here:

More discussion is here:

It seems that the Object History function may be partly responsible for this. But whatever it is, it definitely needs optimizing. It is believed to be a current issue with the alpha, and should not be such a problem long-term. But for now it will probably remain this way. If nothing else I would guess an option for how much history to keep and how much to sync may be provided, if the large size is otherwise unavoidable.

I hope that’s helpful! Happy holidays. :blush:

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The major problems are solved so far now.
Rooting my device and using a different OS made my phone and Anytype much faster and was the only way to access my Anytype Database on the 0.4.4 alpha again. Also using the application itself was so much faster now than before.
With the 0.5.0 version now, the boot time changed also dramatically. From almost 3 minutes to about 11 sec. Access to all my pages within 10min after a fresh install. Thanks a lot!!

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Thanks for doing these tests.

I’ve been meaning to stress-test Anytype with a large volume of content but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

It’s one of the main factors to consider for me, as I’d use Anytype as my main repository of data/notes. No point in using it now if in the future it will become sluggish.

Glad to see it seems to be dealing well with a big database

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