Slight delay expected for V.0.29.0 Release

Good day Alpha Testers! :sunny:

:warning:This is a PSA to notify the Community to expect a slight delay on all platforms for our next release of Anytype, due to technical set backs related to essential Kanban View optimizations. :construction_worker_man:

Our Team is working swiftly to deliver the most effective functionality we can so the release has been postponed until approx. 1st of October :steam_locomotive:

Thanks for your attention and stay tuned!


No problem.
Go Anytype! :v:



will this include inline sets or not yet?


yes please! Biggest thing I’m waiting for :heart_eyes:

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Inline sets is not planned for the upcoming release


We’ll wait, it deserves.

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Hi, I got today the invitation for the alpha version. Thanks for that. But unfortunately in this e-mail the code is missing. There is just a gap.
Should I answer on this mail because of this issues?

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There was a glitch with our waitlist, please write to

We’ll try to resolve it asap.

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Ok I have sent the mail. Thanks for your reply.

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