Silent download and prompt to update

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When a new version is available, a “Downloading…” modal comes up and greys out the app. However the app can still be interacted with. Then when it’s done downloading, the app immediately restarts itself.

Describe the solution you’d like

Make the “Downloading…” notification be less obtrusive (maybe as a small active icon in the top right corner next to the hamburger menu). Prompt user to click somewhere to trigger the restart.


@qualquertipo Definitely. Not only is the downloading modal annoying if you happened to be using the Anytype app, it pops up in front of whatever else I was doing if I wasn’t even using Anytype! I hate focus stealing and anything even remotely similar to it!

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@qualquertipo To add on to this, there should be an option to turn off automatic downloads and allow for manual downloads. Numerous times I have found that the app decides to upload while I am in the middle of using it, making me unable to use it for anywhere between two to five minutes (depending on my internet connection)

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And also an option to set how often it is checked.
Now its checking every few minutes. Thats to often in my opinion. Being able to set to “once a day” or “every x hours” would make sense to me.

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