Sideloading Android Alpha APK

Hey everyone!

Not sure if anyone else is in a similar situation but unfortunately [Google’s Advanced Protection](Advanced Protection Program) prevents Firebase from installing Anytype Alpha, or any “unknown app” not from the Play store or device manufacturer store.

I know ADB can sideload apps, is anyone familiar with this process when it’s done through a Firebase’s development channels though and not directly with an .APK file?


I run lineage ROM without microG and Gapps. So instead of using firebase distribution, I download the app from the telegram channel (APK is posted for each update) and install it and it always worked for me


Just install the APK. I’m using the f-droid store and i’m able to install it via that (not AnyType!). It should work without ADB. I’m waiting for the next post in the Matrix-Channel as i’m not on Telegram :smiley:

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@lynxlove Oh, I had no idea the Telegram channel posted the .APK!

I don’t happen to use Telegram, which is unfortunate.

@natrius where is the Matrix channel located? Didn’t know there was one either.

You can find links to all the community channels in the Anytype Community Repo:

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If a link is needed for Matrix:

The space: (reading possible without account [can be deactivated btw.])

The general-room: (Account needed for that one)

I have to add, the Matrix room is not official, unfortunately. (i hope it will)