Sidebar Sort Options

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
i believe that when navigating to a set using the sidebar is a not helping with every set going to the top as a recent clicked set. I think history is doing a better job.

Describe the solution you’d like
lock it like Favorites section.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
maybe an option to lock it.

Additional context


Agreed. Perhaps even add the options;

  • Locked (with sorting A - Z, Z - A, last edit etc)
  • Dynamic
  • Manual sort

I dislike the behavior when I clicked an item in Sets that is not the top 1, it moved to the top 1. The nature efficiency of human memory is ordering, either by alpha-beta or customized ordering. On the other hand, the ordering in Favorites can never be changed unless I remove it and re-add it.

My recommendations: Add the feature of reordering the objects in the side bar by 1) alpha-beta 2) access time (allready implemented) and 3) customization.


This is now (partially) implemented in 0.25.4 as Sets in the sidebar are now sorted A-Z, but unfortunately there does not seem to be any option to customize this to any of the other suggested sorting options.