Sidebar Issues 23.02.2022 Update

Here are some bugs and suggestion I wanted to share about the new sidebar. The sidebar is a super great feature so far thanks a lot to the developers : )

It was not possible for me to move the sidebar to the other side from here

Only when I use the floating sidebar I was able to move it to the other side.

Now that I have successfully moved the sidebar I can close it at the right corner.

But to reopen the sidebar I have to click on the left side now which is kind of unsatisfying.

I also experienced an issue when I go from split screen (with floating sidebar) into full screen mode back again. The sidebar then isn’t showing up properly.

Also when I “select a status” or “Enter text” (from a block with a relation linked) the sidebar gets triggered and opens itself. Update; since lately, the sidebar doesn’t open up itself when making changes anymore.

To Reproduce

  1. Try moving the sidebar (not the floating sidebar) to the other side
  1. Use Anytype in split screen so you can see the floating sidebar, move it around and go back into fullscreen (on windows)
  1. Select a status via relation block to see if the sidebar opens automatically

Expected behavior
The sidebar should be movable imo but since the floating sidebar does this jobs its okay I guess
The sidebar should show up correct after changing the window size
The sidebar shouldn’t open itself automatically
(When putting the sidebar to the other side the close and open button should both be on the same side)

System Information:

  • Windows 11
  • Anytype Version: 0.24.0

Not sure if the same as one of your bugs, or just related, but I managed to move the sidebar to a random position in the middle of the screen. Just Collapse it, then Hover left to open it, then click and drag on it to move it anywhere.

I guess the floating sidebar is supposed to be movable all over the screen if this is what you mean? Another bug occurs I just found when the floating sidebar is in the middle of the screen an I click on show sidebar.

Ah ok, that makes sense. I guess I assumed it was a bug because it’s an unusual choice.

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I think only the floating sidepanel is movable. So in full screen, close the sidepanel and move your cursor towards the corner of your screen where your sidepanel is supposed to be (i.e, by default, left corner of your screen) and the floating sidepanel would appear

That must be it thanks. The non floating side-panel is just supposed to change its side when its floating. I just thought it also should be movable to the other side when its not floating.