Sidebar customizability

I tend to get irritated not being able to toggle the visibility of the 3 different categories in the sidebar, particularly because once I migrate I want to solely focus on my pages through the “Sets” tab. I had a few things in mind;

~ Toggling different categories in the sidebar.
~ Being able to rename them to anything?
~ Being able to create multiple sidebar categories, similar to creating a second workspace in Notion?

@Insa thanks for sharing your thoughts on the sidebar! Could you take a look at these feature requests to see whether you can contribute your ideas there? That way we can stick with a single request and discussion per topic.

I think these topics capture part of what you’d like to be able to do. The first topic should be split into separate requests (not done yet at time of writing).

Yes! Thank you for linking these to me, I legit just made an account and posted 2 threads based on the notes I had before. Didn’t deep-dive to see if someone else had posted about it already.

Will keep a closer eye moving forward. <3


All feedback is welcome! It’d be great if you could indeed stick to the predefined formats/templates for bug reports and feature requests. If you feel more creative you can write your thoughts in any format in the First Impressions & General Feedback (sub)category :slight_smile: