Show Some Love On AlternativeTo.Net

I would like to see Anytype grow its userbase and become a better-known option in the PKM software realm. is my go-to site for software recommendations. There are only 20 upvotes on Anytype’s AlternativeTo page, but I am sure there are more than 20 people on this forum who believe in this platform and where it is headed. Please check out that page and click on the heart symbol to show support.


I think this is a great suggestion! @Angelo could you share this with the Anytype team?

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It’s a good idea, we could definitely ramp up our outreach quite a bit. A big issue with Community sign-up decline is that a significant percentage of people who actually made it to an onboarding call and activated Anytype, never create an account here on the forums. Only a few do, I think a lot of them get stuck on Telegram or somewhere and don’t really know this place exists.

Anytype is not yet open-source, though. That’d be a deal breaker for me on

Yes I can understand that. Anyone know when we can expect the code to be open-sourced?