Show page strutcture/grid lines

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When editing a complex page, to have overview of its blocks structure, it is not enough to show the block’s anchors. It is hard to have a quick idea of where the blocks are.

Describe the solution you’d like

There could be an option to toggle “Show blocks’ structure”.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Alternatively, temporarily changing all blocks’ background color at once also could serve this function

An additional “Edit Structure” mode would allow to move blocks by clicking and dragging anywhere on a block, not only on their anchors.

Additional context


@div3xi, would you mind merging this request with the one bellow? It think they are pretty much related.

[Proposal: block edit vs. text edit “mode” with hotkey or modifier](Proposal: block edit vs. text edit "mode" with hotkey or modifier)

@thiago_nascimentodf let us keep them different they are similar but not same.

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