Show Object information in search menus to identify Objects with equal names

The scenario:
I’m in a page, need to create a reference to another page

What I do:
Type ‘@’ and title of the page to refer to

What the app shows:
A list of pages of the same name (coz they have the same title)

The confusion:
I don’t know which page is which page to make the reference to.

Is there a reason why you have multiple pages of the same name?

Im trying to make a folder tree using widgets on the left column. And folder names are usually short thus some of them are the same. Folders are also notes as I use them rather similarly to Notion concept.

The graph is quite hard to navigate with large number of notes and looks quite messy in such case so I’d like to use a tree instead.

That makes sense. It’s somewhat similar to the MOOC concept. Couldn’t you change some of the top pages to a different type then? Possibly folder, or something similar?
Another thing you could do is to add numbers to them depending where in the chain they are.

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I got a work-around: Make a minor edit to the page to refer to, so it’s on top of recent item list.

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Hey @dandeancook, I think your question still is relevant for a feature request. Shall I move this topic to that category here on the forum? If so, we’ll need to make the feature request specific. I suggest something like: “Show Object information in search menus to identify Objects with equal names”. What do you think?


That’ll be great, makes objects identifiable.