Show multiple/asymmetrical relationships between the same two objects in graph view

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I’ve been using Anytype as a way to keep notes on my worldbuilding recently, and there are situations where two objects have an asymmetrical relationship between them. e.g. Person A is Person B’s father, Person B is Person A’s daughter. I set the objects to each have a separate Object relationship (one named Father, one named Daughter), like so:
Person A — Daughter —> Person B
Person B — Father —> Person A
However, only one of these labels shows up in graph view:

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be great if, when two objects have multiple different relationships between each other, it would show them all in graph view. So you’d have an arrow pointing from Vabok to Zasit saying “Daughter” and a separate arrow from Zasit to Vabok saying “Father”. I do however admit that this might get very messy if you have many relationships between the same two objects.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The other main option I can see to fix this would be to have asymmetrical relationships - relationships which show up in both related objects, but they have different fields for:
A) What shows up in Graph View
B) What shows up in Object A
C) What shows up in Object B

So you’d have a single “Parent/child” relationship, which when viewed in Graph View would say “Parent/Child”, when viewed in the parent object would say “Child” and when viewed in the child object would say “Parent”.

The links are actually available but overlapped. Kindly check this issue

Even in the image you’ve shared, you can check that both ends of the relation link has an arrow indicating that the objects have bidirectional relation

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I might edit this to be specifically about asymmetrical relations then - do you think that would be a useful feature over and above simply having two separate relationships going from A->B and B->A? It may be an unnecessary feature, to be honest, I’d appreciate input to see if anyone wants it

I’m hoping that asymmetrical relations will be implicitly handled when bi-directional linking is added. So when one adds an object to a parent of relation in the Parent type, anytype would ask the user for a name to be used for the bi-directional relation in the Child type or to select an existing object typed relation in the Child type to link the Parent object to.