Show global sync status in dashboard

Currently to see the sync status, we have to be in a page.

What I would it like it to be?

In the home dashboard for quick info whether it is synced or is preparing to sync

It would be really convenient to check whether item are synced and devices are up to date


To clarify, I think this is specific to the Android version. I wonder if the indicator is actually per-page, or is global and simply only shown on the “page view”. I agree it should be visible everywhere.

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I would suggest a simple circle that changes colours based on the sync status, at the bottom right of the page . Eg. The way iOS shows a circle in the top right corner if your microphone or camera is being used.

@div3xi There is already a location and design for the sync status that works fine though. Why change it? Or are you just suggesting this because there is a “hamburger menu” on the Home page where the sync status would be?

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@Oshyan it would be great to have it show next hamburger menu or the top left side.

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@Oshyan Both for android and Desktop.

Is here meant the “per object” sync status.

I would like to have a global “everything is synced” or not indicator.


Yeah, Global indicator is what being requested here. @kEbZeCK