Should we expect improvements to the calendar and dates, in relations?

for example, I want to create weekly tasks for the task tracker, I want to create something similar to a reminder that you need to wash the floors, or daily tasks like cooking.
and I would like a thing that could remove the tick after a certain period of time from the task, but I think it can be implemented with the advent of the api, which will be far away, I think.


yeah, I’ve asked for this before somewhere on this forum or in a meeting with Charlotte. I really want to have some form of calendar integration, either a calendar of anytype or google calendar/outlook/nextcloud calendar integration so my events and tasks have alerts and can still be added to and treated like standard anytype objects.

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Hello @sir-coffee. Calendar/dates is in our sight but for two upcoming quarters there are different priorities for our team to deliver. We will publicly share our vision and roadmap with community soon. And I invite you for participation in this discussion. There will be really tasty stuff :pray: