">" should be used for blockquote instead of toggle

Describe the bug

Right arrow character (>) starts a Toggle block instead of a blockquote. This is very different than what most Markdown flavours suggest (ex. [CommonMark spec](CommonMark Spec)). In context of Anytype, > should rather start a Highlighted block rather than a Toggle.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Open any note or create a new note
    1. Enter the > character and write some text after that
    1. Anytype converts it into a Toggle

Expected behavior

> character should initiate a blockquote or Highlighted block

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: MacOS Catalina
  • Device: Macbook Pro
  • Version: OS 10.15.7, Anytype 0.18.28

Additional context



I agree. Adherence to mostly widespread markdown should be a high priority. Unfortunately toggles are not part of any normal markdown spec, and > is a pretty intuitive one to use. :smile: If only markdown had used | for quotes, since that’s how most quote blocks are rendered anyway! :roll_eyes: But it’s a problem for the team to figure out.


I can’t speak for markdown but I feel like the “>” for toggles is very intuitive since it has the same shape.

But honestly the keyboard shorcut doesn’t matter as long as it’s fast to use

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@Inkqb Just to clarify, there is a difference between the in-line formatting shortcut (generally Anytype - and most modern apps - use markdown for this) and the “keyboard shortcut” (usually a modifier key like Ctrl and another key, e.g. a letter). Most people that use in-line formatting are used to markdown, and it is broadly supported, so it makes sense to adhere to that standard as much as possible. That fortunately doesn’t preclude there being a keyboard shortcut for creating a toggle block like e.g. Ctrl+>. It doesn’t look like there is one yet, but I think there should be.


I think CommonMark implementation is crucial!

There needs to be a downvote option… please no.

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I am coming from Notion and they are also using the “>” for creating a toggle. Since it can be expected that many AnyType users will have used Notion before, it might be a good idea to adopt such established practices from there. To me, it’s quite natural to create a block quote by entering a quotation mark as first character, followed by a blank.