Shortcuts to bolden, italicize

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I always want to be able to switch between bold, italicize and normal text when Im working.

Describe the solution you’d like
When typing cmd+i italicize, cmd+b bolden and windows equivalent

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Just typing the text, highlighting it and clicking the italicize or bolden icons. However, this is again, slow and requires you to have typed the text before hand.

Additional context
For most note taking apps, this can be done by using cmd+b and cmd+i to bolden and italicize respectively, which makes it easy and comfortable to switch between the different text modes.

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Hey @sirbot :wave: Welcome to the community. Anytype already supports the shortcuts you’ve mentioned, although, only when text is selected.

There is also a feature request available requesting for a change in behavior to toggle them without text selection

Shall I merge / close your request in favor of the linked one? Do give your support to the linked request by pressing the :heart: icon in the first post of the thread

Sorry, I didnt see this. Yes closing this request would be good by me.

Thank you!