Shortcut to directly open object from graph ? full width for page?

Hi, I’m testing Anytype since fews days (I’m a Notion user as content writer). First thing, the editor is very good, same level or better than Notion Editor. I’m under Debian 11 + XFCE4.

I’ve some newbie question :

  • I would like open an object / page directly from the graph view. Is there a shortcut for this ? I tried yet SHIFT+click and CTRL+click with no result.

  • Is it possible to have the editor in full width of the screen ? It is possible in Notion and it is very comfortable.

Thanks in advance for answers.

Something like this? Apologies for the low res gif :sweat_smile:

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Exactly : thanks !

I noticed 2 things :

  • if i change the width for 100%, all the image in the page are zoomed at 100% width (= don’t keep the fixed size for image)

  • and another thing : i copy/paste your animated gif in my anytype for memo, but it’s note played. It would be great if animated gif was active in Anytype. Not essential, but useful for tutorial etc. Or perhaps I need to upload it and not only copy/paste ?

Thanks for your previous answer.

Seems to be the case. You can resize the image manually though. Hover on the image and you’ll find the resize arrow near the bottom right corner of the image.

Copy pasting indeed paste it as an image but uploading it through an image block seems to work. But as mentioned in this comment, it does take a long time to upload a GIF

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