Shortcut for new object just opens Anytype (if Anytype already open on background)

If I already have Anytype open and attempt to use the newly introduced shortcut to create a new object, Anytype just opens in whatever page/state it was in.

I’d expect a new object to be created.

It would be great to have a screen recording with the device details, the Create a new page shortcut opens a blank page for me as expected. It might not be related but try changing the default page type in the settings menu

Thanks! I just tried it again a few times and it worked! Weird…

The issue was happening quite consistently back when I did the post.

Should I mark this as “solved”, or leave it for a while in case it happens again?

Did it ever happen again? If not, we can mark this as solved :grinning:

I just tried it and it worked. So I guess yea!